OCD & Anxiety Support

Hong Kong

Raising Community Awareness

OCD & Anxiety Support HK believes in the importance of mental health education in schools, health clinics and corporates. Poor mental health can have a huge impact on schools and companies if not addressed and can cause the following:

• Loss of productivity

• Lowered motivation and concentration

• Absenteeism

• Increase in errors made at work and lower grades at school

• Problems with time management and organisation at work and school

• Social withdrawal affecting sense of self, willingness to try new things and working in teams.

• Distress, suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviours

We can bring mental health education directly to your workplace in the form of interactive workshops, informative presentations, experiential workshops and practical lunch and learn sessions. Below are some of the topics that can be presented and adapted to meet the needs of individuals in various settings.

1. What is mental health and warning signs of mental health problems?

2. Cultivating good practices for optimal mental health

3. How to assist and support loved ones or co-workers with mental health conditions?

4. Understanding the stress response and learning stress-busters to combat it

5. Simple and effective breathing and mindfulness techniques for relaxation.

6. Chair Yoga and deep relaxation as a form of Stress Management.

7. Taming your inner critic and developing positive self-talk.

8. Coping with distressing or negative thoughts using principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

9. What is stress, anxiety and anxiety disorders and techniques to manage it?

10. What are the signs and symptoms of depression and steps to take for recovery?

11. How to cope with distressing or negative thoughts?

12. A practical and gradual approach to facing your fears

13. Progressive Muscular relaxation and its benefits for stress reduction

14. Coping with panic attacks

Please email Minal at ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com for more details.