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How can you participate in World Mental Health Day?

1.) Join our Green Ribbon Campaign to show support to mental health sufferers – Click here to find out more

2.) Get educated about mental health conditions. Visit https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiety to learn about anxiety and depression. Log on to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ocdanxietyhk/ to read articles, watch videos and talks about mental health.

3.) Organise events, workshops and presentations at your workplace about mental wellbeing to raise awareness about mental health and educate your workforce. Contact ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com for more details on who to contact.

4.) Show sensitivity to sufferers of mental illness by using appropriate language when speaking about mental health.

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5.)  Spread mental health awareness on social media.

     – Wear a green ribbon or a touch of green on World Mental Health Day (10th October 2019) and post a selfie on the OCDAHK FB page https://www.facebook.com/ocdanxietyhk/ and on your social media with the hashtag #greenribbonhk2019

6.) Take part in the 'Say No to Stigma' Challenge. Share a short video clip of yourself saying the following 'I am _______ (name) and I support  mental health awareness and sufferers of mental health conditions because ________________________ . Post it on social media with the hashtag, #greenribbonhk2019 and share it on https://www.facebook.com/ocdanxietyhk/ . Nominate 2 people to take part in this challenge to dispel stigma against those with mental illness. Keep this going.

7.) Join our monthly support group meetings if you are struggling with Anxiety or OCD. The next support group meeting dates . Upcoming meetings will take place on the 12th October 2019, 9th November 2019, 14th December 2019.  

Email ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com to book a spot.

8.) Subscribe to OCD and Anxiety Support  HK's quarterly newsletter to receive information about mental health and events by emailing ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com

9.) Watch a Ted Talk on mental health or a film with a mental health theme to deepen your understanding of the condition with a bunch of friends. Click on https://www.nami.org/Get-Involved/What-Can-I-Do-/Movies-to-Watch for films

and https://www.ted.com/topics/mental+health for Ted Talks.

10.) Attend an OCD & Anxiety Support HK event for Mental Health Awareness or World Mental Health Day. Find out more details on our homepage.

World Mental Health Day

A first person's account of how depression makes them feel

Supporting Partners of World Mental Health Day

World mental health day is celebrated across the globe on the 10th of October each year to support, encourage and give hope to individuals and their families affected by mental health conditions.  It is our aim to on this day to raise awareness of mental health disorders and to eradicate stigma and negative assumptions which exist around it. We would like to you join us in our mission to create a safe, educated and stigma free society for those affect by mental illness.  

To volunteer to assist with the Green Campaign please register at  https://forms.gle/ueKMcEZepRHGcVLM8