OCD & Anxiety Support

Hong Kong

Mental Health Awareness and

World Mental Health Day Events

October 2018

To support and raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Weeks (1-14th October 2018) and World Mental Health Day (10th October 2018) the following has been arranged by OCD & Anxiety Support Hong Kong:

1.     “What is mental health, early warning signs of mental health disorders, and stigma in Hong Kong”, 24 September 2018 (1.30-2.00PM), RTHK Radio 3 with Host Noreen Mir.

A radio broadcast discussing mental health, stigma and upcoming events organized by OCDAHK for World Mental Health Day and the Green Ribbon Campaign. If you missed it, tune in to a recorded version at  https://www.facebook.com/NoreenMirRTHKradio3/

2.     “Cultural perceptions of Mental Illness amongst Youth”

5 October 2018 (11:05-12.30PM), West Island School, 250 Victoria Road, Sandy Bay, Hong Kong

A discussion with Year 11 WIS students on cultural attitudes towards mental illness and making green ribbons for all students to wear on World Mental Health Day. Event is only open to students at WIS.

3.     “Be Kind to Yourself, Cultivate Good Mental Health Workshop”

9 October (7:00-8.30PM), Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), 16 Stanley Street, Kailey Tower, 17th Floor, Central, Hong Kong (HK$150)

The founder and CEO of OCD & Anxiety Support HK, Minal Mahtani will be delivering an informative and experiential workshop on practical tips for good mental health. For further information visit: http://www.imi.com.hk and register at ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com

4.     World Mental Health Awareness Day- Green Ribbon Campaign, October 10 2018 (11.00-2.00PM), Central District

Volunteers will be giving out green ribbons to the public in different locations around Hong Kong (Central) to raise awareness and support for those struggling with mental health issues in Hong Kong. Green is the colour of mental health representing hope, strength, support and encouragement for sufferers. The public is encouraged to wear a touch of green or wear a green ribbon for this cause and are invited to take short videos (10-30 seconds) to share views on why mental health awareness is important. Please post selfies and videos on your personal social media # greenribbonhk2018 and share on the OCDAHK facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ocdanxietyhk/.

This year the green ribbon campaign has grown in momentum and received support and participation from Corporates, NGO's, and other businesses. Their commitment to promoting and improving mental well-being at work is encouraging and a positive step in the right direction to eradicating stigma towards mental illness.

5.     OCD & Anxiety Support Group Meeting, October 13 2018

(2.30-4.PM), Jadis Blurton Development Centre, 23 Belcher's Street, 19 Floor, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong [RSVP necessary - ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com

An English speaking support group meeting for adult OCD and Anxiety sufferers to share personal struggles and learn coping skills for anxiety in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental  and confidential environment. Please register by emailing ocdcommunityhk@gmail.com

6.     Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Training for Mental Health October 22- October 27 2018 (9.30-4.30PM), Aum Yoga Centre, 38 Ferry Street, 5th Floor, Jordan, Hong Kong [Sign up at http://www.hershayoga.com/teacher-training/mental-health, all proceeds go to Hersha Yoga]

This is a teacher training program open to anyone with an interest in mental health to learn effective skills and knowledge in the areas of yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience to work with mental health sufferers. It is being co-hosted by OCD & Anxiety Support HK and Hersha Yoga and led by Dr Cunningham from Virginia who is a professor, psychologist and yoga therapist.