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Hong Kong


Testimonials for the Anxiety : Friend and Foe Workshop, Life Management Yoga Centre, H.K

I was anxious about going to the Anxiety: Friend or Foe workshop, since it was a new place with new faces. My friend and I were very warmly welcomed and invited to sit wherever and however we felt most comfortable. Min presented with such a warm and caring manner, explaining firstly her qualifications and experience with this topic, which is impressive.  She then spoke more about the difference between normal anxiety levels and anxiety disorder. We did a few different exercises which involved thinking and moving about.  After this Min went into helping us recognise different patterns of thinking, and how we can use CBT to reprogram the way we think. All in all it was a very well planned and presented workshop which has helped me to understand and cope with my anxiety.  Thanks for your time Min. (RC, Female, School Teacher)

Minal's workshop on anxiety and OCD was very clear and practical, with many excellent strategies for dealing with these common problems. Her explanations were always helpful and the style of the workshop was inclusive and interactive. Minal is very professional and knowledgeable in the way she addresses anxiety issues, but manages to combine this with a genuinely compassionate approach. I learned a lot in a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. (Charles, Male, Teacher)

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